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Easily Create Videos With VideoMakerFX

I just bought the new VideoMakerFx video creation software and I thought I'd give you a brief review and show you a demo video from right within the … [Read Article...]

The Money is In The List

5 Resources To Help You Build Your List

We've all heard, "The Money Is In The List." How true is it? Well, I can only answer that question with my own experience. So, being the analytics … [Read Article...]

Video Marketing Tip #9

How To Host A Successful Google Hangout On Air

In this months VIDEO+plus Hangout, I offered training and support for those who are considering using Google Hangouts On Air for their business. Why … [Read Article...]

How To Add Video Annotations

Discover How Video Annotations Get You Better Results

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and seen messages "pop-up" during the video that asked you to subscribe to their channel, check out their … [Read Article...]

Video Marketing Tip #5

Adopting A Superstar Mindset To Overcome Camera Fear

Have you ever said, or heard someone else say, "I'm not good on camera" or "My face wasn't meant to be on camera"? What you are really saying is, "I'm … [Read Article...]